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Hello and Welcome to Pdquickk's Live Kitty Cam!
Images brought to you live from my living room in
Albany, N.Y.. Keep an eye out for those wacky cats!


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Name: Lil' Kitten
D.O.B. Spring 1999

They say that cats have 9 lives and Lil' Kitten might be living proof of that tale.I am an auto service technician in a largescale auto repair shop and lil' kitten was a stowaway in a vehicle that came in for repairs.She was hiding ontop a wheel well shock tower and this car was driven into the shop and hoisted in the air before she was spotted and rescued by me.Talk about a lucky cat!


Name: Wild One
D.O.B. Spring 1999

She was about 16 weeks old when I captured her in a box baited with cat food.
A litter of ferral kittens had been hanging around my workplace, so I decided to get Lil' Kitten a companion..Actually, I believe Wild One is from the same litter as Lil' Kitten due to distinctive markings and the fact that were both found at the same location..She suffers from a feline disease called "vestibular disorder".. Its not a threatening disease, it just screws up her balance and only happens a few days out of the year. My vet describes it as the cat being drunk.. kinda funny sometimes, she seems to be ok with it and has no distress.. Only cat I've seen that eats corn on the cob!


Name: Bee-Nut
D.O.B. Summer 2000

My mom gave me Bee-Nut after finding her in the middle of nowhere.
I believed she was abandoned due to the fact that she approached my mom initially and was always affectionate towards humans. My other 2 cats were "ferrals" and their mother taught them to dislike human beings at a very young age.Wild cats do not approach people, but Bee-Nut never showed any disliking towards people, so I believe she came from a domesticated litter..


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